Design for Excellence and Accelerate Time to Market

Leverage market-leading design iteration speed and rapid prototyping services backed by decades of thermal and engineered material design expertise for quick regulatory revisions and iteration throughout design, development and prototyping cycles, removing development obstacles that hinder new product introduction and accelerate time to market.

Design for Excellence (DFx) services assure streamlined product design optimized for highly efficient manufacture, maximum material utilization, reliability, automation, innovative performance, and minimized carbon footprint with sustainability from concept to mass production to end of life. Our team is geared to jump in where you need us. Boyd can be a consultant, an extension of your own team, or act as a whole department.

On site prototypes and design engineering co-located with production assures a repeatable, executable new product introduction process managed by experienced Project Management professionals. Medical supply chain experts are integrated into the project team to align sourcing velocity and agility.

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Quality as the Highest Standard

Medical component quality that assures patient and healthcare provider safety is Boyd’s top priority. Ensure reliable performance, cleanliness, and patient safety with Boyd medical components manufactured in a controlled environment under ISO 13485 certified quality management systems that adhere to strict regulatory compliance, thorough documentation, inspection, and traceability processes. Boyd medical facilities feature strict process control, constant quality assessment, and clean room environments to exceed regulatory and design specifications through each step of our products’ life cycle from sourcing, fabrication, assembly, kitting, and sterilization.

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Assure Trusted Business Continuity and Global Agility

Boyd’s footprint, featuring ISO 13485 certified and FDA Registered design and manufacturing facilities, is replicated across three continents with redundant processes, enabling robust contingency and business continuity planning with highly developed, executable plans, and helping you respond quickly to geopolitical challenges, near-shoring and low cost region sourcing strategies.

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Leverage an Agile, Stable, Robust Medical Supply Chain

Boyd offers total management of the supply chain for medical components, products and systems, from material to kitting to sterilization, repair and refurbishment, enabling you to focus on other priorities.

Boyd’s global medical supply chain features suppliers with entrenched medical culture, ISO 13485 quality management systems, and FDA Registration that assure materials are manufactured with medical compliant processes and traceability.

Our global supply chain experts drive a supply chain strategy that offers dual material sources for lowest total cost management, balanced with assurance of continuity and global agility. Boyd has been a preferred converter for the world’s most innovative medical material manufacturers for decades, with established and experienced global supply channels in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

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Liquid Cold Plate Solutions Industrial Medical Renewables

What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solutions



X-Ray, MRI Systems, CT Scanners, and Ultrasound equipment are high power, complex systems that generate immense heat. Subsystems like RF Amplifiers and Compressors must be cooled for consistent system operation and reliability. Leverage Boyd’s decades of innovation in imaging cooling to increase thermal density and efficiency, helping improve imaging system speed and accuracy while reducing energy consumption and total cost of operation. Innovative active and passive cooling technologies are right sized for the application’s thermal density challenges and serviceability. Lightweight, low profile, rugged liquid cooling systems, cold plates, heat exchangers, and high efficiency encapsulated spreaders enable smaller, quieter, lighter imaging thermal systems for better performance in a compact format capable of withstanding exceptional gravitation force. This means that imaging system designers have additional design space within the application to include new components or features, and thermal systems can reliably withstand imaging subsystem rotational forces. Boyd’s cooling solutions can also actively target to increase performance while eliminating required use of fans to improve reliability, reduce serviceability requirements, and lower system noise for greater patient comfort.

Intuitive Medical Displays that enable technicians to operate these devices impact service accuracy and speed. Leverage Boyd’s decade of smartphone display experience and continued human machine interface (HMI) research and development to anticipate evolving display technology that creates marketable differentiation. Display innovation featuring smart touch integrated front panels and crisp clarity in large, thin, lightweight, rich display graphics from screens optimized to environments with varying light levels and sources exposed to repeat sanitation processes, improve imaging tech experience and accuracy without adding significant power consumption.



Protection solutions are sterile products that help reduce infection and are critical to ensure the health and safety of both patients and healthcare professionals including Vaccine Storage, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Surgical Drapes & Covers, Sanitary Sleeves, Anti-Microbial, and Advanced Wound Care. Mitigate the transmission of communicable infections, diseases, viruses, and bacteria with protective products designed for medical provider and patient comfort and safety, optimized to balance weight, size, longevity of wear, application or use efficiency, and cost. All protection solutions feature medical grade materials that are skin contact tested, and processed in controlled environments. Innovative integrated systems streamline design, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly, sterilization, kitting, and regulatory approval support to remove customer complexity and improve efficiency.



Medical Biosensors like Glucose, Insulin Pumps, and Cardiac Monitors, or Medical Patches like those used for Sleep Monitoring, improve patient outcomes, and the convenience, efficiency, cost, and customization of healthcare. Monitoring patients remotely beyond the clinical environment and continually collecting individual health statistics enables providers to fully personalize wellness and treatment plans to individual diagnosis. Medical wearables must be comfortable and safe for patient wear, digitally connected, powered, easy to use, and affordable with highly reliable sensors that monitor prescribed activities, vitals, and health events.

Leverage Boyd’s expertise in fabricating and assembling medical wearables using streamlined manufacturing know-how and strategic material partnerships to efficiently support you from product inception to launch with design and material selection support. Each individual component is selected to optimize performance and cost; Cover layers can enhance breathability or waterproofing to protect internal electrical components; Cushioning layers protect electrical connections inside the device; Batteries, custom-printed flexible PCBs, biosensors, and sensing electronics integrate into flexible solutions for advanced functionality, connectivity and power; Skin contact hydrogels improve reliable signal conductivity; and strategically selected skin contact materials improve wear time, ease of removal, proximity to wound site, comfort, and flexibility.

Patches are assembled in a streamlined deliverable that aids in the application process. Results are FDA compliant wearable devices designed for patient comfort and safety, healthcare provider efficiency, exacting reliability, and total cost management.

In-Vitro Diagnostics


In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Equipment, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Microfluidics, and the Diagnostic and Laboratory Disposables that accompany these devices increase the speed and convenience with which medical providers can diagnose patients and begin treatment. Whether diagnostics are completed in a lab environment or real time using lab-on-a-chip technology, IVD innovation is enabling faster, more accessible, and affordable diagnosis and treatment decisions. Enhance and assure testing accuracy by precisely controlling operating temperature during IVD laboratory equipment operation and managing sample stability with high reliability, high performance cold plates and liquid cooling systems or with precision medical laminates that enable highly accurate fluid flow protected from contaminants through Microfluidic and PCR tests. Microfluidic diagnostics and PCR testing streamline sample collection, storage and preservation in a compact, miniaturized format, reducing handling by lab technicians and the time and cost to manage hundreds of tests. Contaminant-free sample collection and handling as well as most highly efficient utilization of minimal sample volume are critical to mobile IVD accuracy, reliability, efficiency and patient and healthcare provider ease of use.

Medical Device Interfaces, Housing, and Finishing


Create value for your medical devices through Boyd’s portfolio of switches, touch screen interfaces, and decorative molded plastic enclosures. Incorporate high quality, custom printed membrane switch technology, comprehensive front panel display integration and bonding solutions, or durable graphic overlay and labels for long lasting, easy to clean user interfaces. Leverage our molded plastic housings to protect and encase your medical device or implement Boyd’s liquid cooled or graphite-embedded thermal management chassis and enclosures for temperature sensitive applications. Inform device users with enduring safety labels and instructions, easily installed with adhesive backing.

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