Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal interface materials available through Aavid cover the full array of material needs including thermal pads and films, hardware, and phase change materials. Many can be factory applied to our heat sinks or thermal solutions to save you time and assembly costs. Backed by Boyd’s high precision material converting capabilities, the thermal division provides high volume, custom cut shapes of materials to fit any design requirements. Additionally, Aavid engineers are available to help you choose the right interface materials for your design requirements.

Aavid and Boyd's design engineers have historically specified solutions from a multitude of world class thermal interface material portfolios, including Aavid Kunze, Boyd's TransTherm lines from Europe and Asia, as well as Aavid's standard North American TIM lines. We are working hard to streamline our TIM offerings to the highest performing, best cost solutions available today and appreciate your patience. Should you have any questions on selecting the best thermal interface material solution for your needs, please contact our sales or engineering teams today.

For information on Aavid-Kunze Materials or Aavid's North American standard TIM portfolio, please see below TIM product categories.

For information on Boyd Corporation's European or Asian TransTherm product lines, please click here and scroll to TransTherm:

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Information on Aavid Kunze or Aavid's standard North American Thermal Interface Materials:

Adhesives and Epoxies

Epoxies and glues that provide both thermal conductivity and strong adhesion and can be used where no mounting holes are available.

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Gap Fillers

Thermally conductive materials uniquely designed to allow for variations in surfaces.

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Available in a range of base materials to provide a variety of dielectric and thermally conductive attributes.

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Pads & Films

Low cost thermal insulators designed for easy application and improved heat conductance.

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Phase Change

Unique materials that change from solid to film-like grease for increased stability and easy application.

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Thermal Grease

Thermally conductive compounds that provide a mechanical strength to the bond between heat sink and heat source and allows no air in the interface area.

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Attachment Tapes and Non-Insulating films come factory applied to many of our heat sinks for quick and easy assembly.