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Boyd has built advanced die cut converting expertise by working with the world's leading innovators in mobile computing technology over the last decade. Incredibly tight tolerances in impressive clean room manufacturing spaces with global knowledge of today's most innovative raw materials make Boyd well prepared to exceed the critical product design and manufacturing requirements of mobile computing devices like smartphones, tablets and innovative new technology like OLED display. We work hard to find integrated and game-changing solutions that push the limits of efficient high volume manufacturing and assembly of smartphone parts and tablet components – all while assuring global brand owners and their respective contract manufacturers have access to the highest performing materials that exceed the technical performance needs of today's devices like hot spot shields, graphite heat spreaders and optically clear adhesive. We drive innovation in product integration – utilizing our world class converting and manufacturing engineering knowledge to combine multiple unique products into one, simple deliverable, helping customers reduce supply chain and assembly complexity. Boyd helps accelerate development cycles, innovate product design, improve tolerance controls, maximize device efficiency and enhance operational efficiency.